Preeya Kalidas – “Love Between Us”

Classic, Hindi, R&B, Soul, UK, UK Asian

Score: 8.8

If you can ignore the pointless low-budget video – and we suggest you do just that – try to focus on this stunning new number from Preeya Kalidas, collaborating with Davinche to devastating effect. It feels strange to say out loud, but bizarrely enough it wouldn’t be hyperbole to suggest that this is reminiscent of that glorious Aaliyah/Missy/Timbaland triumvirate. The airy vocals from Kalidas are perfectly understated; the production from Davinche is incredible; the melodies will infiltrate your brain; and it is all delivered with just the right balance.  Well done, Preeya. (Reviewed by Jesal)


Smartz – “Rise” (Featuring Don Jaga)

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 7.1

Smartz is peculiar MC. Why? Because out of this new school of rappers, he’s one of the few that doesn’t seem to be influenced by Lil Wayne and, in particular, Drake. In other words, whilst Smartz undoubtedly has his own heroes, when it comes to rapping he just sounds like himself. This immediately highlights him, and is most certainly a good thing, as he’s got a lot of potential. “Rise” is a solid socio-political track with a decent beat, a strong chorus from Don Jaga and passionate lyrics from the star of the show. Smartz manages to reduce rap to the basic elements, whilst retaining his own personality and character. Which is more than can be said for most artists nowadays. (Reviewed by Jesal)

Sunship – “Psycho” (Featuring Lost Souljah)

Garage, Rap, UK, UK Asian

Score: 7.3

For those of you old enough to remember the UK Garage scene first time around, you will undoubtedly recall Sunship with affection – their remixes were the stuff of legend, energising R&B songs with their trademark percussion and vocal-chopping. This new effort featuring Lost Souljah works similarly well: the song itself is sequenced intelligently (helping to bring out the production), their mixing/mastering remains exquisite, Lost Souljah is fantastic (both in writing/delivery terms) and pretty much everything functions as it should. Good stuff. (Reviewed by Jesal)

Psycho (feat. Lost Souljah) [Remixes] - Single - Sunship

TaZzZ – “Stay Hungry” (Featuring Mandeep Sethi & Swami Baracus)

Burban, Hindi, Hip Hop, Rap, UK, UK Asian, USA

SCORE: 7.3

A very good offering from serial grinder TaZzZ – providing a moody soundscape for the two guest rappers to spit over, a genial sample and intelligent seqencing, “Stay Hungry” already starts off on the right foot. We find both Mandeep Sethi – with two verses – and Swami Baracus in “conscious” mode, and it’s the kind of rare track amongst the predictable girl/braggin’ numbers currently flooding the Asian scene. The only slight downer is Sethi’s performance: it’s perfectly fine, but we are used to hearing better from him, as perhaps the attempt to deliver “thoughtful” delivery ends up just masking some of the lyrics/flows he utilises (in fairness, it’s a minor complaint). Swami Baracus, however, is in a rich vein of form and can seemingly do no wrong: superb on the track, it might have been better to have given him the two verses instead. Amongst the many rappers we come across, there are very few that we predict could release a great album worth listening to – but Swami Baracus must now endeavour to make his mark in the form of a long play. He’s ready. It’s time. (Reviewed by Raman)

**The video was removed by the artist in question, they are making some adjustments and once they have reuploaded it, we will put the link back up**

Bonafide – “Feel It Sohniye”

Bhangra, Burban, Hindi, R&B, UK Asian

SCORE: 8.1

Whilst the predictable incorporation of the word “sohniye” into any song title usually gives you a fair idea of what to expect from a track, we’re willing to forgive this transgression as Bonafide put every ounce of their energy into this most infectious of dancefloor fillers. There is absolutely nothing original present: from the Hunterz production to the repetitive lyrics, the Punjabi intersections or random half-rapping breakdowns (it’s like ’04 all over again). But who cares when it all just works brilliantly… The chorus is simply indelible, and the kinetic beat has a real vibrancy to it. The vocal delivery isn’t necessary perfect, but still implores you to (literally) just “Feel It Sohniye” and, judging from the stunning amount of YouTube views it’s currently racking up, mission complete. Superb fun, and that hook will be lodged in your head for days. (Reviewed by Sohail)

Feel it Sohniye - Feel It Sohniye - Single


Girl you driving me crazy, and I’ve been feeling you lately
And nobody can make me feel the way I’m feeling about you
Girl you driving me crazy, and I’ve been feeling you lately
And nobody can make me feel the way you do

Know that I feel it sohniye
Know that I need it sohniye
Know that you got it sohniye
Know that I want it sohniye

(Give it to me)

I’ve been watching you dance and I need a little romancing
And if you give me a chance then I’ll show you how I feel about you, now
I’ve been watching you dancing, I need a little romancing
And if you give me a chance then I’ll show you how I feel

Know that I feel it sohniye
Know that I need it sohniye
Know that you got it sohniye
Know that I want it sohniye

(Give it to me)

Nyms – “Whoa”

Burban, Dance, Pop, UK Asian

SCORE: 7.1

An interesting hidden gem was released a couple of weeks back that we’re quietly confident you haven’t checked out just yet. It is original, has genuine artistic merit, a subtly brilliant instrumental and a visually arresting video. It’s time that you saw “Whoa” by Nyms, in her Creeping East helmed clip, for whilst there are clear influences (Gaga etc), she manages to stamp her own weird identity on the whole thing. That grinding beat underpins the clever concept whilst Nyms delivers catty snipes and sexy come-hithers simultaneously to drive her chosen target to a Screaming Orgasm (the cocktail, no doubt). She commits to it all with aplomb, and the only misgiving we have is that the mixing/mastering could have allowed a touch more space to bring out her vocals (at times, it’s just a touch too fussy). Otherwise, a promising debut and, apparently, available as a free download for a limited amount of time. (Reviewed by Raman)