Sid Sriram – “We Found Love” (Cover)

Cover, R&B, Soul, UK Asian


It’s fair to say that, like fast food, we’re not the biggest fans of covers (not as an everyday source of food, anyway). However, as an occasional treat – and if we have behaved well – the right choice can provide a bit of nourishment for the soul. And there is plenty of that in a quite stunning rendition of “We Found Love” by Sid Sriram, a performance that’s cast-iron sure to get him noticed. The pitch perfect way he sings, the thoughtful melisma, the emotion he infuses into a dance song turned slow, the heart/soul he pours into it… Just watch for yourselves. (Reviewed by Jesal)


Raxstar – “Jaaneman”

Hindi, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian, Video

Score: 9.1

After his interesting but wrist-slitting “About A Girl” EP (which dropped in the last few weeks), it’s relatively easy to see which direction Raxstar is heading: as Pac once so famously told Biggie, “Go for the GIRLS!” In this post-Drake landscape, the new school of rappers make very specifically targetted, near-formulaic songs where they cater to the female market, don’t swear, and make sure their track will get on the radio/TV, by hook or by crook. “Jaaneman” most certainly falls into this category, and that’s not a criticism in itself – whatever you do, do it well. Raxstar delivers his as-per-usual impressive verses (at this tempo, at least), although Kee comes in to really save the day, with pitch-perfect backing vocals (taking her part out would just not make this as effective a song). Give “Jaaneman” time, for it is a genuine grower. In the end, we can dissect a track all day long, but if you really connect to it, and the artist makes you feel a certain way, it is has probably achieved what it set out to. And like most great relationships, the first impression may not have been all too great – but there is a real substance to “Jaaneman” meaning that actually, it probably will go the distance. As the hands of time relentlessly tick forward, this could well turn out to be a true classic.