Bohemia ft Raxstar & Haji Springer – “Brand New Swag” (Official Remix)

Hindi, Hip Hop, Panjabi, Rap, UK, UK Asian, USA

Score: 6.0

It’s nigh on impossible to tell whether “Brand New Swag” is really good or really shit. The beat sounds awful and brilliant at the same time. The chorus is dumb as fuck but catchy as hell. The rapping is either overly simplistic or perfect for the instrumental. The choice is yours. Sometimes music can be pretty damn confusing… (Reviewed by Raman)


Prem Singh – “Shaal Marke (Jump)”

Bhangra, Garage, Panjabi, UK, UK Asian

Score: 8.4

Whilst we include the straight bhangra video for “Shaal Marke” by Prem Singh, it is simply for the sake of it. The other video is audio-only of a lovely garage remix by Artful, and that will be the focus. The chopped up vocal sampling is expertly done, and that classic Artful sound helps to bring out the better aspects of the track (originally smothered in pretty typical bhangra-esque fashion) as it swiftly turns into an infinitely repeatable track to vibe to. This is definitely worth your time, and as Nihal says at the end of this radio rip, it could well be a subtle contender for one of the best tracks this year. Great stuff. (Reviewed by Jesal)

Shaal Marke (Jump) [feat. Artful] - Single - Prem Singh

Arjun – Teri Meri Remix (Featuring Priti Menon)

Cover, Hindi, Pop, R&B, Remix, UK Asian, Video

Score: N/A

By now, you should know All About Arjun. He’s one of those special talents that succeeds at pretty much everything he does, and we’ve charted his progress over the last few years. Here is another Bollywood remix where he duets with a Hindi-singing female whilst he gives the original an R&B twist. He plays his 28 instruments, sings beautifully, has girls swooning – no news there. But Priti Menon does a superb job, and addresses our criticism of Arjun’s previous effort “Kabhi Kabhi” (where we felt the two female singers didn’t contribute enough). Here, that is most certainly not the case – when I first heard Priti’s version of Rihanna’s track “Unfaithful” I couldn’t get it out of my head for 2 days straight. Not the song, her voice. It’s incredibly warm and addictive; it trades in subtleties that only a a chosen few can deal with; it has dynamic range but complete control. Watch out for her. (Reviewed by Jesal)

Sunship – “Psycho” (Featuring Lost Souljah)

Garage, Rap, UK, UK Asian

Score: 7.3

For those of you old enough to remember the UK Garage scene first time around, you will undoubtedly recall Sunship with affection – their remixes were the stuff of legend, energising R&B songs with their trademark percussion and vocal-chopping. This new effort featuring Lost Souljah works similarly well: the song itself is sequenced intelligently (helping to bring out the production), their mixing/mastering remains exquisite, Lost Souljah is fantastic (both in writing/delivery terms) and pretty much everything functions as it should. Good stuff. (Reviewed by Jesal)

Psycho (feat. Lost Souljah) [Remixes] - Single - Sunship

Shide Boss – “Amplifier”

Burban, Freestyle, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian


This appears to be a bit of freestyle fun for Shide Boss. A shame: he does a professional job, but doesn’t fully commit to it; and mostly because if he did really go all out, it could be a huge international breakthr0ugh moment for him. Doing a proper R&B remix of “Amplifier” with a legit video, performance, guest rapper and marketing could have just been the summer smash hit of the year (it makes perfect sense, surely). Our advice? Pull this, do it again, only ten times bigger. Then watch it blow. It’s still fun, nevertheless. (Reviewed by Raman)

Arjun – “Why This Kolaveri Di” (Remix)

Burban, Classic, Hindi, Pop, R&B, Remix, Soul, Tamil, UK Asian, Video


Seeing as Arjun’s remix of “Why This Kolaveri Di” has become a career-defining moment for him, it’s only appropriate we post a reminder and a heartfelt congratulations on reaching 5 million YouTube views. Stunning. (Posted by Jesal)