Arjun – “Take It Back”


Score: 7.8

Well, this is weird. Not the song. Not even the video. No… Someone has decided to spam Arjun’s new video (the Main one, not the previous – and rather excellent – Lyric Video) with massive numbers of ‘Dislikes’. It’s all rather unsettling, and we got the feeling that after this, the unusually quiet Arjun didn’t really feel like pushing his new vehicle as hard. He ended up admitting such via Twitter, a sincere shame – it’s a freak occurance, and the singer should take it as a bizarre compliment, if possible. When you’re a lone bird on a wire, it’s easier for camouflaged lowlifes to shoot from a distance. And make no mistake, it’s songs like “Take It Back” that have made Arjun stand apart from his peers. It’s an infuriatingly addictive song, one that will burrow its way into your brain until you’re no longer able to resist. The verses are a touch repetitive, but the bridge, chorus and – most importantly – concept are superb. It’s the kind of song that marks a genuine mission statement – Arjun is a fan of R&B, and he’s trying to bring it back. The tempo hovers around the 101bpm mark; the strings are vaguely reminiscent of “No More” by Ruff Endz – or at the very least, that era of production; the verses are kind of like Nelly Furtado’s “Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)” in the way they quote/interpolate old school lyrics. Whilst “Take It Back” isn’t Arjun’s ‘A’ game in certain respects (the production isn’t as refined/subtle as that era of R&B, plus the video might not be as polished as “Vampire”), it’s a great start. Plus, you know, it’s just so damn catchy. (Reviewed by Jesal)


Shide Boss – “Amplifier”

Burban, Freestyle, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian


This appears to be a bit of freestyle fun for Shide Boss. A shame: he does a professional job, but doesn’t fully commit to it; and mostly because if he did really go all out, it could be a huge international breakthr0ugh moment for him. Doing a proper R&B remix of “Amplifier” with a legit video, performance, guest rapper and marketing could have just been the summer smash hit of the year (it makes perfect sense, surely). Our advice? Pull this, do it again, only ten times bigger. Then watch it blow. It’s still fun, nevertheless. (Reviewed by Raman)

Arjun – “Why This Kolaveri Di” (Remix)

Burban, Classic, Hindi, Pop, R&B, Remix, Soul, Tamil, UK Asian, Video


Seeing as Arjun’s remix of “Why This Kolaveri Di” has become a career-defining moment for him, it’s only appropriate we post a reminder and a heartfelt congratulations on reaching 5 million YouTube views. Stunning. (Posted by Jesal)

Mumzy Stranger – “Fly With Me”

Bashment, R&B

Score: 6.7

Mumzy Stranger is, indeed, extremely strange. He sings in a similar manner to Jay Sean (though if you’ve heard Mumzy live, sans backing beat, you’ll know he is a quite excellent singer). Then, like a Jamaican Tourettes patient, he suddenly morphs into Sean Paul. It’s a real head-scratcher. Signed to Rishi Rich, you expect a big-budget video and it doesn’t disappoint. The song itself is a bit too understated to be truly great, but it’s nice enough, even if it is undermined by a slightly weak beat. Fly With Me (Radio Edit) - Fly With Me (Bonus Version) - EP

Horizon – “Remember Me”

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 5.5

Slightly confused as to what Horizon is supposed be. A rapper? A singer? Akon? To be honest, none of it really matters, as this glossy but heartless video, is completed by resplendently terrible acting (and a guest rapper that just sits on an armchair). The song itself isn’t all bad – it would certainly be a decent enough album track, catchy chorus too – but it just sounds a bit too derivative to be a proper single. Side note: Soundpipe Records seem to have (very quickly) risen to be a thoroughly professional outfit, one to watch. Remember Me - Horizon

Arjun – “Remember Tonight”

Dance, Pop, R&B, Soul, UK

Score: 6.1

You can tell that Arjun is very young, and still learning his trade… But he’s a good-looking lad and has a voice that girls could swoon over, so that’s a great start. “Remember Tonight” may not have the greatest of videos, but it’s a very solid song – you can certainly see why he has an emerging fanbase. Slick vocals, a EuroPop beat and enough space between his voice and the instrumental to hint at the emotional disconnect he’s facing with his long lost love. Plus apparently he can actually play the guitar. One to watch out for. Remember Tonight - Arjun