Horizon – “One More Time”

Hip Hop, R&B

Score: 4.2

A particularly disappointing effort from Horizon, unfortunately. The video is terrible (we get it, he is intelligent cos he plays chess, and can poorly fake playing a violin). The beat is bare as bones, the chorus is almost non-existent and the verses are just awful. I’m not quite sure who made the decision to spend money on this, but it was a poor one. His previous effort “Remember Me” was far superior.

RKZ – “How Are You”

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap

Score: 7.1

Superb video and a lush beat really make this latest effort from RKZ something quite exciting. Whilst RKZ as an MC doesn’t fully go for one particular style right now, and he deploys a near anti-chorus, it doesn’t mean this isn’t a lovely, lilting song. “How Are You” also features cameo appearance by a Man On Roof and Kazz Kumar. Next time, maybe we’ll see Kazz Kumar on the roof. This is probably one of the most promising songs to come out of an Asian MC’s camp, as it hints at an unpredictable stylistic direction – good to see.


Raxstar – “Fading”

Hip Hop, Rap

Score: 6.3

Another effort from Raxstar, hailing from Luton. This time it’s a single proper, taken from his free mixtape “Spring Cleaning” (which is a pretty decent listen). This one is called “Fading” and is accompanied by a simple but effective video. Raxstar is certainly one of the few Asian MC’s that seems to put a bit more effort into his flow/lyrics: the first verse, in particular, works excellently. Even if this isn’t the most charismatic effort, it’s always interesting to see what direction he takes.

RKZ – “Defeat Me” (Featuring Raxstar)

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap

Score: 6.2

A power move from rising star RKZ. “Defeat Me” is an interesting enough video, featuring a guest appearance from Raxstar. The stars of the show are undoubtedly the solid beat and the brilliantly understated chorus. It must be said, however, that none of the MC’s deliver in their verses (Raxstar comes vaguely close). It’s a pretty disappointing affair lyrically, flow-wise, vocally – sounding rushed and below par. It makes this just another song, as opposed to the event that it could have been. Shame. Defeat Me - RKZ

Horizon – “Remember Me”

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 5.5

Slightly confused as to what Horizon is supposed be. A rapper? A singer? Akon? To be honest, none of it really matters, as this glossy but heartless video, is completed by resplendently terrible acting (and a guest rapper that just sits on an armchair). The song itself isn’t all bad – it would certainly be a decent enough album track, catchy chorus too – but it just sounds a bit too derivative to be a proper single. Side note: Soundpipe Records seem to have (very quickly) risen to be a thoroughly professional outfit, one to watch. Remember Me - Horizon

Sam Khan – “I Love Your Lady”

Grime, Hip Hop, Mixtape, R&B, Rap, UK

Score: 6.9

This song is starting to gain some serious traction. That’s not surprising: it has a decent video, the chorus is catchy, it has a funny cameo from Charlie Sloth and the Zaheer beat is something like an R Kelly (pre-insanity) party beat. It’s not the kind of song that is designed to withstand critical assessment. That’s lucky, because you could pick holes in it ALL DAY. The main problem is that Sam Khan (or his character) comes across as a bit of a dick. I mean, who really does that? Try and steal somebody’s girl at a house party? He’s talking about love, but treating it like lust, and it’s quite jarring. It’s OK to be a dick on record – hey, Jay-Z did it on his first 5 albums – but there’s an art to it that Sam Khan clearly hasn’t quite mastered yet. I Love Your Lady - Sam Khan & Charlie Sloth