Preeya Kalidas – “Love Between Us”

Classic, Hindi, R&B, Soul, UK, UK Asian

Score: 8.8

If you can ignore the pointless low-budget video – and we suggest you do just that – try to focus on this stunning new number from Preeya Kalidas, collaborating with Davinche to devastating effect. It feels strange to say out loud, but bizarrely enough it wouldn’t be hyperbole to suggest that this is reminiscent of that glorious Aaliyah/Missy/Timbaland triumvirate. The airy vocals from Kalidas are perfectly understated; the production from Davinche is incredible; the melodies will infiltrate your brain; and it is all delivered with just the right balance.  Well done, Preeya. (Reviewed by Jesal)


Tara Priya – “Run Like Hell”

Pop, R&B, Soul, USA

SCORE: 6.2

A bizarre new offering from Tara Priya. Aside from the sparkling instrumental provided by Satien Mehta (think Ronson/Remi), it’s a clever concept track that fumbles the crucial chorus. A shame, as whilst it clearly lacks the cute charm of “Rollin'” it could have been the perfect follow-up to that breakthrough. That chorus is overthought, overwritten and overpowering. She wants to show her “bitchy” side, the “hell hath no fury” to her previously adorable moment, but whilst “Run Like Hell” looks good on paper, sounds professional and has a decent (albeit patchy) video, sometimes less is more. She’s clearly a big Winehouse fan, and that’s fine. But what Amy did so well on her sophomore effort was to let the track breathe: it was the space between her poetry that spoke volumes. Tara Priya has yet to learn that skill, as this sounds too much, too compressed, with a herd of ideas just crammed in. She’s clearly got talent but also possesses the overexuberance that plagues many a new artist. “Run Like Hell” is good, but with a bit more nous it could have been great. (Reviewed by Raman)

Tara Priya – “Rollin'”

Pop, Soul, USA

SCORE: 7.5

Being the winner of the 18th Annual Billboard Song Contest is a pretty big deal. Ok, admit it – you’d never heard of it either, until Tara Priya (hey, she’s got an Indian name!!) won it. Still, it’s clearly an accomplishment and highlights some of the qualities and general appeal of “Rollin'” on display. Whilst in no way original musically – it shamelessly hangs onto the whole ’06 Winehouse/Ronson/Remi Motown revival sound – the production is surprisingly warm and crisp, not to mention understated. Tara Priya is a charming hostess, and you can’t help but get sucked into her cartoony little world, even if the chorus is a touch slight. Lyrically, she’s self-deprecating and treats it all with a light touch, and it’s certainly worth the hype that has fortunately put her on the map. (Reviewed by Raman)

Rollin' - Tara Priya - EP