Rishi – Stress (Featuring Nathan C)

Dance, Pop, R&B, UK Asian

Score: 5.9

Poor Rishi. The lad is clearly stressed. He really has stress in his life. Stress. Ohhhh stress. Stress stress stress. Yep. Stress. If we were to leave the review at that, it would qualify as approximately 98% of all you need to know about his new single, for those are pretty much the only lyrics we hear. Fortunately, the production is a dead-on replica of whatever is playing on the radio right now, with a very successful Swedish House Mafia impression assisting the singer. The addition of a rapper probably would have balanced out the song more, but it’s just too slight and reliant on the beat – a missed opportunity. Also, having a job working behind a bar is pretty stressful, so hey, just quit! #WhatRecession (Reviewed by Rahul)