InterView – Priti Menon


We caught up with the wonderful Priti Menon for our InterView series. Check out the “Khabida” singers thoughts on music, her origins and inspirations, working with Arjun and much more. (InterViewed by Jesal)


Priti Menon – “Khabida”

Hindi, UK Asian

Score: 8.0

Good grief. Artists truly do suffer. One look at poor Priti Menon freezing her butt off in the woods, risking Lyme disease, whilst her nose is literally turning a strange hue somewhere between pink and purple – should we call the paramedics? – and you know this must have been worth the pain. The good news is that “Khabida” is a gorgeous number, expertly produced by Charles Bosco, and Menon’s lush voice functions precisely as expected, dovetailing beautiful with the flute. There’s really not much more to say: everything on show just works. (Reviewed by Jesal)

Khabida - Single - Priti Menon