RKZ – “How Are You”

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap

Score: 7.1

Superb video and a lush beat really make this latest effort from RKZ something quite exciting. Whilst RKZ as an MC doesn’t fully go for one particular style right now, and he deploys a near anti-chorus, it doesn’t mean this isn’t a lovely, lilting song. “How Are You” also features cameo appearance by a Man On Roof and Kazz Kumar. Next time, maybe we’ll see Kazz Kumar on the roof. This is probably one of the most promising songs to come out of an Asian MC’s camp, as it hints at an unpredictable stylistic direction – good to see.



Kazz Kumar – “Fashion”

Dance, Pop

Score: 4.6

Aside from learning that Kazz Kumar has “a passion for fashion” (yes, seriously), “Fashion” also cruelly exposes her as a singer who can’t sing, and a song-writer that can’t pen even one decent line. Again, after “Dirty Word” we suspected these things (though that didn’t mean it wasn’t a fun song) but here they are confirmed. It’s a shame because she clearly IS good at lots of other things: she’s cracking in this limited video, and she’s one of those blessed few that looks good in pretty much anything. She clearly does love fashion, however, too much, and this almost could be interpretated as a swansong from the music industry. We could much better imagine her on mainstream TV, doing features for high-end fashion magazines, doing anything – really well, too. But as long as she refuses to fully commit to music, we will continue to refuse to commit to her.

Kazz Kumar – “Dirty Word”

Dance, Pop, R&B, UK Asian

Score: 6.3

The list of things that Kazz Kumar does well is long, really long. She can dance, act, she looks great in this video, has an impeccable sense of fashion and she’s undoubtedly an interesting character. So what’s the problem? She can’t sing. I mean, she’s not horrible but, you know, she can’t sing. Luckily, that’s not particularly necessary on “Dirty Word” – a good song with an infectious beat, albeit one that probably doesn’t have a target market. If she’s OK with just putting out a single every 6 months and seeing what sticks, that’s admirable – but you get the feeling she was probably expecting to be A-listed on Radio 1. That’s never going to happen until she faces her weakness head on: you just don’t really believe that she’s been hurt by her straying lover, let alone that she genuinely wants to scorn him. Still, great visuals from Amit & Naroop on a relatively strong song. Just don’t call her the “Asian Lady Gaga” (sore subject, apparently). Dirty Word - Kazz Kumar