Juggy D – “Okhe Pound” (Featuring The Truth)

Bhangra, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 8.2

Ahhhh, so this is what we were waiting for… Featuring a nice feature from The Truth, and possibly the best beat Mentor has produced in years, Juggy D comes back hard on “Okhe Pound” – an absolute banger that works excellently on every level. Juggy sounds fresh, focused and he delivers his impressive vocals with subtle aplomb; The Truth does a solid job, adding another authoritative voice to the mix; Mentor smashes the hell out of the instrumental, and that’s just the first twenty seconds… It is tough. Familiar samples mix with modern percussion rhythms, resulting in a genuinely interesting sonic feast. When Juggy and Mentor click, all these years later, it’s nice to know that they’ve still got “it” – consider this a success all round.


Juggy D – “Punjabi Rockstar”

Bhangra, UK Asian

Score: 6.7

After his debut – surely one of the few genuine true-blue classics of new-millenial Asian music – you wait SEVEN YEARS and this is what turns up. It’s not bad, by any stretch, but it is certainly an inoffensive disappointment that doesn’t compare to his previous dalliances with Mentor. It comes across as somewhat cynical, disingenuous, focus-grouped… These are words that we never used to associate with Juggy. Indeed, it’s the sound of someone that seems exhausted musically, and has probably missed the opportunity to progress artistically, so is basically just now making music to pay the bills. Punjabi Rockstar - Juggy D

Blitzkrieg – “Take Your Picture” (Featuring Juggy D & Tigerstyle)

Bhangra, Canadian, Dance, Hip Hop, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 6.8

This could have been one of those poorly realised attempts at a club banger that we so often see from many a rapper. That it doesn’t is a testament to: the producer, the singer, the rapper. So far, so obvious. Yes, Tigerstyle comes with a by-the-numbers dancefloor treatment, but it manages to veer away from being over-produced; Juggy D does a good job (let’s face it, he’s never really come straight out wack); most importantly, though, Blitz carries the song. That he starts of adapting Vanilla Ice could be tragic, but he references so many other songs in two verses that it’s more like a crate in a DJ’s Serato folder. It comes across as charming because Blitz clearly knows his shit, and his tongue is firmly in his cheek. Take Your Picture - Get Blitz

Juggy D – “Sohniye”

Bhangra, UK Asian

Say what you want about Rishi Rich, but he knows how to take his time and develop an artist in a precise, methodical manner. The long-term results might be questionable, but he’s a hard task-master who knows how to get immediate brilliance. Case in point: Juggy D. He could have rush-released some bollocks to capitalise on Juggy’s stellar performance in 2002’s gigantic “Nahin Jeena” – but lead single “Sohniye” proves that Rich was correct in waiting and perfecting the end product. Juggy’s infectious energy means that you can’t help but be swept away; Mentor provides a pitch-perfect beat; and the gloriously uplifting playground chorus helps to make this an all-time, cross-generational classic. Juggy D - Juggy D