Anjulie – “You And I”

Canadian, Dance, Pop

Score: 4.8

Imagine a big budget version of Jaya’s hilariously insane visuals for “Outta Control” and you could well end up with “You And I” – one of the worst videos in recent memory. From the otherwise talented Anjulie, it’s an absolute disaster, complete with slobbering PDA’s, random acts of villainy, off-kilter dancing, an acoustic guitar being played in places where there is literally no acoustic guitar being played, a half-done hair dye, and an ass-grabbing callous disrespect for road safety… Honest to God, by the end you’re rooting for the police to just shoot (or at least taser) Anjulie and her hired in model. As for the song, the poor production only serves highlight the poorly written verses and poor chorus. Anjulie is usually far better than this (“Brand New Bitch” was solid enough). But then, at 3m45s, the video stops (thank fuck) and cuts to the singer, with her guitar, beautifully singing a stripped down version of “You And I” – and suddenly it all just works. This would surely have done much better way to go (imagine a Track & Field/Nelly Furtado ’00 vibe). It just goes to prove: you can have a record deal, tracks with Nicki Minaj and Cassie, a VEVO account… But one can never legislate for the poor decision-making, and we suspect Anjulie was probably told what to do here. (Reviewed by Raman)


Jaya – “Outta Control”

Dance, Grime, Hip Hop, Parody, Pop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian, Video

Score: 7.4

It’s difficult to separate the laughably insane video for “Outta Control” from Jaya’s excellent new song, “Outta Control.” The former is a low-budget effort with a ridiculous narrative, twist ending and Razzie-esque overacting. It’s memorable because it’s just so, so bad. But when you’re bumping this track on your iPod, it’s the song, not the video, that matters. And bump, you will… As a pop treat, it’s very good, and considerably better than “DJ Do It Again.” Aside from the completely needless inclusion of Young Simmons, and the somewhat non-committal (but professional) verse from Wretch 32, we have a tempo-shifting beat, powerful melodies, a chorus that implores suggestively and a strong vocal performance from Jaya. She can be proud of this song, but oh, that video….