Free Mixtape: TaZzZ – “TaZzZMania2”

Bhangra, Burban, Dubstep, Hindi, Hip Hop, Panjabi, Pop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: N/A

Having downloaded and listened to the new mixtape from that little TaZzZMania-n Devil himself, you should probably check it out for free at this link. The first half is more compelling for you rap fans, while the second half basically gets pretty Bollywood. Go listen. (Posted by Jesal)


Raxstar – “Ego”

Burban, Hindi, Hip Hop, Panjabi, Rap, UK, UK Asian

Score: 7.6

We’re a bit depressed here at SuperCritic. You see, we were waiting until today to post this – which is Raxstar’s birthday – and expected to see a slew of “Ego” reviews around the rest of the internet. Much to our consternation, this was absolutely not the case and, yes, we had a bit of a Twitter rant about it. Why are so few other music critics and writers actually posting reviews of music from the kind of artists we cover on this site? Really, you can count them on one hand (more on this another day). It turns out that the birthday boy’s latest number is certainly worth highlighting, and also writing about. It’s full of hip hop quotables laid over a menacing trap beat (courtesy of Sunit); the combination of the final verse with the accompanying visuals is something special to behold (ONE TAKE). It takes practically a minute for Rax to even get going (this may well be the opening salvo of his album) and there are plenty of excellent couplets on this ‘controlled aggression’ brag-fest. The only qualm we have is the occasional example of (minutely) off-beat delivery. It’s interesting, as Eminem was recently talking about how his first two major albums – “The Slim Shady LP” and “The Marshall Mathers LP” no less – still irk him to this day, simply because he now believes that his delivery wasn’t crisp enough: he was too frequently “playing catch up” to the beat. That’s always been a wild variable of Raxstar’s – it’s something that most fans probably wouldn’t even notice, but hip hop heads can identify immediately. Putting that aside, “Ego” is another solid statement of intent from the Luton MC. After all, a bit of ego never hurt anybody. (Reviewed by Jesal)

Swami Baracus – “Way of the Dragon”

Burban, Hip Hop, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 7.9

In what appears to be the intro to his forthcoming (and long-awaited) mixtape “The Recipe,” Swami Baracus spits continuous fire for just under three minutes over a dope old-school hip hop beat. There’s not really much more to add – “Way of the Dragon” is hot, and it’s a skillful lesson in being true to yourself. (Reviewed by Jesal)

Loven – “Breathe”

Dubstep, Hip Hop, Rap, Tamil, UK Asian

Score: 8.3

A fascinating effort from Loven provides one of the highlights of 2011. The searing dubstep beat is produced by Charles Bosco (usually a pair of safe hands) alongside Loven, and a one minute intro acts as the perfect curtain-raiser from the Tamil MC to spit. He’s a decent enough lyricist, but in fairness this a track that trades on drama, feeling and intangibles so the words are less important than his voice. Vocally, he comes across as naturally affable and he meshes into the instrumental brilliantly. It all syncs up perfectly, and – helped by a creative video – everyone involved can be mighty proud. And then you realise it’s a free download. One for the radio, gym, club, car, headphones, anywhere, anytime.