DJ Fricktion – “This Is What I Do”

DJ, UK Asian

Score: N/A

Being a DJ is hard. When you’re on the come up, people will just literally hate you for the slightest reason: you didn’t play their song one time 8 years ago; dodgy promoters haven’t paid you, and somehow that’s your fault; your MacBook Pro got in the way of somebody’s drink; the one tiny error you made on an hour-long mixtape you gave out for free suddenly makes you wack… The list is practically endless. At SuperCritic we like to champion our DJ’s and make people aware of the vital role that Asians have played in popular DJ culture, full stop. Fricktion has released this (necessary) propaganda piece entitled “This Is What I Do” – a well put-together summary of his “lifestyle” with a few little displays of what he is all about. That basically involves playing to clubs, making artist-hosted mixtapes and producing hip hop beats. It’s a swanky six minutes, and doesn’t show just how hard life is behind-the-scenes, so you should know that Fricktion is doing well, not to mention doing it well. Good stuff. (Written by Jesal)