Dream Warriors – “Small Bump” (Ed Sheeran cover)

Burban, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, UK, UK Asian

Score: N/A

He may hate us for saying it, but Raxstar is so fucking good at rapping about girls right now, it’s almost scary – and his breakthrough truly seems to be within touching distance. Whatever happens, this cover of “Small Bump” works very well indeed. (By Rahul)


Sid Sriram – “We Found Love” (Cover)

Cover, R&B, Soul, UK Asian


It’s fair to say that, like fast food, we’re not the biggest fans of covers (not as an everyday source of food, anyway). However, as an occasional treat – and if we have behaved well – the right choice can provide a bit of nourishment for the soul. And there is plenty of that in a quite stunning rendition of “We Found Love” by Sid Sriram, a performance that’s cast-iron sure to get him noticed. The pitch perfect way he sings, the thoughtful melisma, the emotion he infuses into a dance song turned slow, the heart/soul he pours into it… Just watch for yourselves. (Reviewed by Jesal)

Raxstar – “Cooler Than Me” (Featuring RKZ)

Hip Hop, Mixtape, Pop, R&B, Rap, Remix, Soul, UK Asian

Score: 8.4

Whilst we here at SuperCritic refrain from scoring freestyles and cover songs, we can’t help but break the rules for Raxstar and RKZ’s reinterpretation of Mike Posner’s “Cooler Than Me” – for it is simply outstanding, and betters the original in almost every way. In fact, the video is barely even necessary: when you first hear Raxstar’s words, his artful description is so dead on that you’re there, witnessing everything unfold in real time, in that club. The simple piano backing is perfect, allowing the artists the space necessary, and RKZ – for what might be the very first time – really excels on the chorus (his growing confidence hinting at a singing career over rapping). It’s one of those efforts that makes you wish that the original simply didn’t exist, so that this could be a fully-recognised original in its own right. Yes, it’s that good.