Romy Shay – “Bollywood Star”

Dance, Hindi, Pop, UK Asian

Score: 5.1

Amongst this bizarre cocktail of ridiculous, it’s worth noting – Available on iTunes – a few things. It’s the usual Rishi Rich Production bland corporate nonsense, meaning zero emotion/feeling/point other than trying to be the background music for when an actual Bollywood star is being interviewed, etc etc. Romy Shay, who really cares. Shilpa Shetty pops – Available on iTunes – up and giggles hysterically at everything, all the while looking gorgeous but somewhat embarrassed. The song is alright but predictable and cynical. And then you realise, after all that particular weirdness, that Shilpa Shetty is the SISTER-IN-LAW of Romy Shay. What on earth isĀ – Available on iTunes – he doing serenading his wife’s sister? Dude. Come on. Be a bit moreĀ  discreet than that. Damn. Your wife is, as the kids say, gonna dash you the fuck up when you get back to yard. Seriously, first you get a tattoo of Nusrat on your arm – could make wifey feel insecure, but fair enough – and then at 0:35 in the video you tell some white guy you love him… Oh man. Good luck when – Available on iTunes – you get home tonight.


Raxstar – “Jaaneman”

Hindi, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian, Video

Score: 9.1

After his interesting but wrist-slitting “About A Girl” EP (which dropped in the last few weeks), it’s relatively easy to see which direction Raxstar is heading: as Pac once so famously told Biggie, “Go for the GIRLS!” In this post-Drake landscape, the new school of rappers make very specifically targetted, near-formulaic songs where they cater to the female market, don’t swear, and make sure their track will get on the radio/TV, by hook or by crook. “Jaaneman” most certainly falls into this category, and that’s not a criticism in itself – whatever you do, do it well. Raxstar delivers his as-per-usual impressive verses (at this tempo, at least), although Kee comes in to really save the day, with pitch-perfect backing vocals (taking her part out would just not make this as effective a song). Give “Jaaneman” time, for it is a genuine grower. In the end, we can dissect a track all day long, but if you really connect to it, and the artist makes you feel a certain way, it is has probably achieved what it set out to. And like most great relationships, the first impression may not have been all too great – but there is a real substance to “Jaaneman” meaning that actually, it probably will go the distance. As the hands of time relentlessly tick forward, this could well turn out to be a true classic.