Here are links to other cool sites we can recommend for various needs:

RapReviews – The largest hip hop review site in the world, so comprehensive.

OHHLA – The best hip hop lyrics archive for when you just don’t know the words to that rap song.

KishMeister – Wicked site for checking out good music by a very clever dude (Broken Soul Boy).

The Brown Scene – Very cool site for Burban and generally brown things.

Burban Blog – Another great site for new Burban music.

Burban on Wikipedia – Good explanation of what the Burban movement is all about.

Simply Bhangra – Brilliant Bhangra website.

SBTV – UK site that has become hugely successful.

Hip Hop DX – Good US hip hop site.

Desi Hip-Hop – Cool site that does what the name suggests.

The Desi Journal – As name suggests.

Sepia Mutiny – Superbly informative site.


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