Bohemia ft Raxstar & Haji Springer – “Brand New Swag” (Official Remix)

Hindi, Hip Hop, Panjabi, Rap, UK, UK Asian, USA

Score: 6.0

It’s nigh on impossible to tell whether “Brand New Swag” is really good or really shit. The beat sounds awful and brilliant at the same time. The chorus is dumb as fuck but catchy as hell. The rapping is either overly simplistic or perfect for the instrumental. The choice is yours. Sometimes music can be pretty damn confusing… (Reviewed by Raman)


Bikram Singh – “Kawan 2” featuring Gunjan & Tigerstyle

Bhangra, Hindi, Panjabi, UK, UK Asian, USA

Score: 7.2

We’ve given Bikram healthy doses of shit over the years, but we always review every new song with a fresh pair of ears. And so it’s great to tell you, dear Reader, that alongside pals Gunjan and Tigerstyle, he’s delivered the charming “Kawan 2”. Gunjan’s gorgeous vocals are pure ear candy, and Tigerstyle’s relaxed production is definitely on point too. Mr Singh himself gives a passionate performance, and this is definitely one to just kick back and enjoy life to. (Reviewed by Raman)

Kiran Gandhi – “M.I.A. Live Session”

F***ing Unclassifiable!!, USA

Score: N/A

In keeping with our recent spate of more eclectic posts, check out this awe-inspiring session of drumming by the wonderful Kiran Gandhi – playing along to various tracks by M.I.A. Great work, and many thanks to one of our regular readers (Rochard Scott) for the tip-off. (By Jesal)

Shizzio – “Blaow!” (Featuring Humble the Poet)

Burban, Canadian, Hip Hop, Rap, UK, UK Asian, USA

Score: 6.1

Produced by Moghul, this fiery new track from Shizzio (that he’s been “sitting on”) has a somewhat throwback vibe to it. The production is cheeky and uptempo, and along with Humble the Poet, the two rappers basically just bullshit for three minutes – in the finest traditions of braggadocio hip hop. The flows are a bit hit-and-miss, and the punchlines are variable too. But the artists are clearly not taking this light-hearted song too seriously, so neither should we. (Reviewed by Jesal)

T Virus – “Jupiter Son” (Featuring Kaly & RKZ)

Dubstep, Hip Hop, Rap, UK, UK Asian, USA

Score: 8.0

Sometimes an instrumental just has an inexplicable charm. Before you know it, a beat you initially wrote off has now icepicked a way into your skull, refusing to let go without a fight. T Virus achieves such a feat, even if it takes a while to realise it. RKZ does his usual “cocky delivery” thing, and it works well post-dubstep breakdown. But it is Kaly who really impresses here: his voice can initially grate, but it turns out great. This is a free download, and that makes it even more essential. (Reviewed by Jesal)

So So Desi Entertainment – “What Do YOU Stand For”

Hindi, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, USA

Score: 6.0

There is a bizarre and undeniably goofy charm to watching any genre in its infancy. Hip hop, whilst reaching a state of maturity in many markets, is most certainly nascent within the “desi” landscape. A good example of this is So So Desi Entertainment’s batshit crazy song and video for “What Do YOU Stand For” – complete with a catchy as hell chorus, somewhat basic lyrics and indelible production. Cap it all off with one of the most insane low budget videos we’ve ever seen, and you’d be forgiven for writing them off. However, their hearts are so clearly in the right place, and couple that with melodies, and you may as well give them a chance. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? (Reviewed by Raman)


What Do You Stand For - Single - So so Desi Entertainment

J.Hind & Shaxe – “Aaj Mausam”

Hindi, Hip Hop, Rap, USA

Score: N/A

Forgive us for pointing this out, but we’re pretty sure that J.Hind – “Born and raised to Indian immigrant parents” nonetheless – actually says: “Niggaz change for the limelight, I said it before.” Now, one must ask what gives him the right to say “niggaz” on record? Assuming that is what he actually says, it’s the ultimate faux pas in hip hop. If it is indeed the case, it’s a shame as it casts a shadow over what is a promising performance on a decent enough song.