Transatlantic Rebels Podcast – Episode 14: Prince “Come”

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Here is a dope new podcast from the Transatlantic Rebels. This time, Jesal hooks up with a couple of Prince experts – the awesome The Violet Reality duo Casey Rain and Kim Camilia (who have a great show on YouTube). On this episode, they go deep into one of Prince’s lesser known albums “Come” – and it’s an essential listen. Check it out here.


Transatlantic Rebels Podcast – Episode 2: M.I.A. “Arular”

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Here is a new podcast from the Transatlantic Rebels. They are kicking off a series of in-depth looks at the various albums released by M.I.A… First up, naturally, is “Arular” from 2005. They will cover every album in the lead up to “AIM” so you should really check it out here.



Dear Reader,

My name is Jesal. It fills me with great pride to announce that I’ve bought out and completely taken over SuperCritic. It’s a moment of personal and professional joy, as a longstanding ambition has always been to own a music journalism website.

After days of negotiation with the previous owner – who was going to close the entire site down and delete it from history – I managed to get a deal that will not only ensure the survival of the site, but opportunities for expansion.

The 3 writers that have done such a sterling job previously have agreed to stay on, and I myself will now be writing about hip hop for the site. We are also hoping to create entirely new sections, not to mention an eventual redesign. This will take some time, so please be patient, but the content will be updated regularly.

Are you interested in writing for SuperCritic? It could be reviews, news, interviews or something else entirely. This is an opportunity for you to send in a CV and an example of your work (even if you’ve never written professionally before) and I will personally consider all applications.

I got my break in music journalism by writing for the biggest hip hop review site in the world, and have been there for half a decade now. Whilst I will continue there, I wish to take the knowledge and help push the Burban scene forward – fortunately, SuperCritic has been the best site around for critically assessing all things Burban, and this will only grow.

The praise the site received on the Burban Wikipedia entry was spot on. This is the first site of its kind, and I want to help push it on to the next level. Interesting stat: in 2011, the site grew in popularity by almost 1000% (yes, a thousand) and we wish to do even better now.

Since there are reviews of my own work already on SuperCritic, I’ve made the executive decision to take them down as a clear conflict of interest would arise. I’m also sticking to the hip hop reviews, and leaving the Burban and Bhangra side to the existing/future writers.

As owner and chief editor, I thank you for coming to the site and if you have any suggestions on ways to improve it, please email your thoughts or CV to

Many thanks,


Siy – “Summertime”


Score: 10.0

Every now and then, an artist releases something so precious and stunning that it makes you realise they’ve simply perfected music – so really, there is no point carrying on. Siy is that guy. “Summertime” – filmed on location at South Shields Beach, no less – effectively means that music can only go downhill from now. We can merely presume that the beat was surely produced by David Guetta, with a percussive rhythm that will set speakers quite literally aflame. Siy delivers a tour de force, with his pitch perfect cadence, breath control, lyrical aptitude and sheer confidence on the microphone. As he says in the outro: “It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, fat, skinny, let’s get together and enjoy the weather.” This deep philosophical musing is the equivalent of encapsulating the DNA of mankind in a single grain of sand, and we now realise that Siy is the leader we’ve all yearned for. (Many thanks to S Sid Ahmed for alerting us).

PS – It seems we made a typo with the score, and it’s actually 1.0. Apologies.