Kayper – “Out My Mind”

House, UK Asian

Score: 8.6

A subtly brilliant house track from Kayper, ably assisted by Ollie Green. It’s definitely a slow burner, taking its time to infiltrate your consciousness. But once those looped vocals and thumping kicks get into your brain, you’ll be going out your mind. So to speak. (Reviewed by Jesal)



Swami – “Back It Up”

Dance, Hindi, House

Score: 6.6

There’s just one problem with “Back It Up” – the new highly energetic and funky track from Swami… There are three versions, and each has something special. Now, if they could do one version with the best bits of all three, that would be perfect. For the instrumental, we recommend the Nazran Beats Mix featuring Lovely Pawar; we’d have one English Mix verse to lead with; a second verse from the Desi Mix; and more S-Endz (who always adds that extra spice). Regardless, the multiple versions all have much to offer. (Reviewed by Jesal)

Kee – Dil Lagda Nai (Featuring Tigerstyle)

Dance, Hindi, House, Pop, UK Asian

Score: 5.9

There are a number of points to address on the latest effort from Kee. Firstly, the song itself is produced by Tigerstyle – and is instantaneously recognisable as being derivative of their own recent single “Kudi.” That is not unusual in itself, as producers develop a “sound” and apply it to various tracks (think of the Timbaland/Danja era circa ’06). It’s certainly not a straight rip, either. However, here the Law of Diminishing Returns unfortunately applies, although fortunately it does possess an indelible melody in an otherwise blandly written/delivered offering. Secondly, this is labelled the “first single” from Kee’s new album… Really? The past two years of singles and videos are being jettisoned? May we politely point out that unless the album work is significantly better, don’t be afraid of including the quality tracks that got you here. It might just be a case of a fresh start – or maybe these tracks will be included as bonus cuts – but it would be a shame to deprive your audience of “It’s Over” & “Jaaneman Pt 2” – not to mention “Nai Nachna” & “Pyar Hai.” (Reviewed by Rahul)

Tigerstyle – “Kudi” (Featuring Rani Randeep)

Bhangra, Burban, Dance, House, UK Asian

SCORE: 7.2

Tigerstyle make a triumphant return, and whilst “Kudi” is in no way innovative, it is brutally effective. Think typical dance track de jour with thumping percurssion, clever sequencing, sinister swooping synths and a bass that shakes you to your very core. Add in some Indiany stuff (that’s the technical term) plus Rani Randeep’s vocals, and you have a strong number indeed. Whilst Randeep works relatively well on the track, one can’t help thinking that her part is a touch too jovial for such a moody instrumental (Example’s “Changed the Way…” fed into the beat much better) but as a party starter in the club, this will bang. Hard. (Reviewed by Sohail)

Kudi (feat. Rani Randeep) - Kudi (feat. Rani Randeep) - EP

Panjabi Hit Squad – “Miss Soniyeh”

Bhangra, Dubstep, Hindi, House, Pop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 6.2

A solid return from Panjabi Hit Squad, at least musically, as “Miss Soniyeh” provides suitable dancefloor fodder for the DJ crew to airhorn over. The two beats are the real stars here: the first is, admittedly, about 3 years too late but at least they’ve done a good job on the funky sound; the second is a lovely dubstep number that works incredibly well. The only let-down is the song-writing of whoever did the vocals – with too many words crammed in per line, plus a chorus that just pales in comparison to the former anthemic titans from PHS, it’s difficult to sing along to. Good, but a missed opportunity to craft a true banger. (PS – we deducted points for the “rapping” but added them again when the dubstep switch came along. Please, no more of that – there are a whole bunch of Asian MC’s out there that could do the job properly for you now).

Sonna Rele – “Bring On The Rain”

Dance, House, Pop, UK Asian

Score: 7.4

On the previous review of her recent effort (“Brand New Day”) we firmly established that Sonna Rele is an artist with a big voice, talent, style, looks… The whole package. However, she couldn’t control her vocals, and confused melisma for genuine soul (a mistake many young singers make). On her previous number, the dance-pop anthem “Bring On The Rain” (which was released in May), she fares considerably better. In fact, the only real complaint is that the instrumental is a straight rip of Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World” – but even that is somewhat forgivable. Otherwise, her vocals are much more restrained, and the chorus is simply indelible. It’s a great stab at a very current radio sound, and in the video she looks so much like Leona Lewis that you’d be forgiven for wondering if you clicked on the wrong page. That this would comfortably fit on Lewis’ album is a genuine compliment, and Rele can be proud. It might seem straightforward, but it’s a deceptively tricky track to pull off, and she’s done it with real professionalism.

Shizzio – “Come Get Some” (Featuring Rafaqat Ali Khan)

Dance, Grime, Hindi, Hip Hop, House, Pop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 5.4

Make no mistake: Shizzio is an expert at raising awareness, using the media and taking advantage of a strong work ethic, all in order to keep his profile high. It’s admirable, and whilst he occasionally overplays the whole “One Man Army” pitch, he is the kind of rapper that you actually want to succeed – possessing character, charm and charisma. Unfortunately, none of that comes across on the disappointing “Come Get Some” and you just hope that he hasn’t missed his moment. The Rockswayer beat has a marvellous kinetic energy, not to mention an indelible melody, and the simple Rafaqat Ali Khan loop on the chorus is effective too. But sadly Shizzio fluffs his lines and saps drive from a number that could have worked. The overall concept seems half-baked, his attempt at crossover lyrics seems misguided and even (surprisingly) his vocal performance is well under par. A real shame.

Come Get Some (feat. Rafaqat Ali Khan) - Single - Shizzio