Sparkaman – “Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai (Remix)” (Featuring Muki)

Cover, Hindi, Hip Hop, Rap, UK Asian

Score: N/A

It’s a pretty easy way to get hits nowadays: remix a track, Bollywood it up a bit, get a rapper to spit about why the relationship is doomed due to family issues, film a heartstring-pulling video. The thing is, it used to be genuine but now it just feels formulaic and, dare we say it, somewhat cynical. Even if Sparkaman delivers a deceptively decent performance here, it is underpinned by the feeling that quite a few Asian rappers have already done this. Better, too. Still, he just about does enough to make you potentially check out the rest of his music, and remember that he’s a youngster just trying to improve. (Reviewed by Rahul)

Rax Timyr – Meri Maa (Vande Mataram) ft. Kishan Amin & Ambika Jois

Cover, Hindi, UK Asian

Score: N/A

One may well have expected this excellent version by Rax Timyr featuring Kishan Amin and the incredible Ambika Jois to have garnered many more views by now. However – and this is in no way down to the artists themselves – India’s Independence Day didn’t feel like much of a celebration this year. We are reaching a point where the smoke and mirrors, the propaganda of Bollywood, the backwards values and continual degradation on so many levels in Indian society are exposing the country for what it is. The post “gang rape” scandal has finally enabled many NRI’s to start gunning for India without fear of reprise, and at a time where 20,000 knives were handed out to women in order to protect themselves, “Eve teasing” and stalking are handed down from the film industry as a way to get the girl… Well, suddenly the lyrics about Mother India take on a whole new meaning. The video includes the following description: “We are dedicating this song as a gratitude to how we have been raised with Indian values by our parents, in the UK and to all those who have inspired us to recognize, realize and represent our heritage.” The problem right now is defining precisely what “Indian values” really are. (Written by Jesal)

RKZ – “‘Jhenés Song”

Cover, Freestyle, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: N/A

RKZ delivers his new ode “Jhené’s Song” in the form of a response video directly targetting the object of his stalkerish tendencies, Jhené Aiko (we wonder why). Taking (and slightly reworking) the instrumental and melodies from Ms Aiko’s excellent “3:16am” RKZ does a solid job, and the singer in question has already voiced her approval on Twitter (she probably downloaded it here for free, too, but you’re too slow and will have to wait until RKZ’s new mixtape is released next month). Just remember, kids, restraining orders ain’t cool. (Posted by Jesal)


Out of place, out of space and time,
wide awake, out of papers, I am..

(Verse One)
What do you, really take me for?
Do you see this and hate me more?
Can I be, what I used to be to you?
Can I be, something out of here?
Out of us, where I can see you clear,
’cause you ain’t me, and I’m not you now..
But I’m wondering if this is just me,
trying to believe I had you.
You were still right here but now,
it’s like you’re someone else, oh.
I’m wondering, do you still, think I’m yours,
or even could be, yeah..
Could I be? Should I be..

..much more
(I’m right back where I was before)
I should be so much more to you
(But I’m not alone, you said take my hand and we go)

(And we go, and I hope,
that we don’t overdose, ’cause we don’t,
no we don’t, ever know, when we have had enough)
I do not feel the fear of falling, I wanna fly.
If that don’t go well, then I will..
..but what if it don’t? I’ll be right where I was before.

(Verse Two)
This was never meant to be easy,
everything we did, I’d never make it so you’d need me,
trying to convince you, you could be whatever.
And you would always cry, I say I’d help you – never.
Make it so I’m bad, tryna be anything but,
and now I made you stronger.. so what?
Everything you loved and wanted here to stay,
now I’m tryna look at you in a different way.
And now I’m tryna look at you like I don’t even,
even wanna be another, dude that’s gone and fucked you up,
and made you feel like you don’t even,
need to be right here and I just wanna make you happy,
through the pain and the shame and the fame,
and it’s all fucked up.. somewhere

(I’m right back where I was before)
(But I’m not alone, you said take my hand and we go)

(And we go, and we go, and I hope,
that we don’t overdose, ’cause we don’t,
no we don’t, ever know, when we have had enough)
(And we go, and we go, and I hope,
that we don’t overdose, ’cause we don’t,
no we don’t, ever know, when we have had enough)

Arjun – Teri Meri Remix (Featuring Priti Menon)

Cover, Hindi, Pop, R&B, Remix, UK Asian, Video

Score: N/A

By now, you should know All About Arjun. He’s one of those special talents that succeeds at pretty much everything he does, and we’ve charted his progress over the last few years. Here is another Bollywood remix where he duets with a Hindi-singing female whilst he gives the original an R&B twist. He plays his 28 instruments, sings beautifully, has girls swooning – no news there. But Priti Menon does a superb job, and addresses our criticism of Arjun’s previous effort “Kabhi Kabhi” (where we felt the two female singers didn’t contribute enough). Here, that is most certainly not the case – when I first heard Priti’s version of Rihanna’s track “Unfaithful” I couldn’t get it out of my head for 2 days straight. Not the song, her voice. It’s incredibly warm and addictive; it trades in subtleties that only a a chosen few can deal with; it has dynamic range but complete control. Watch out for her. (Reviewed by Jesal)

Sam Kay – “Nobody’s Perfect” (J.Cole Refix – Freestyle)

Cover, Freestyle, Hip Hop, Rap, UK Asian

Score: N/A

This. THIS! This is why we rate Sam Kay. A few years back, his freestyles – in conjunction with his Jump Off  successes – were what truly put him on the map. He’s most definitely back in the groove now, and note that he’s labelled this a “Refix” – it’s entirely appropriate as his verses are substantially better than J.Cole’s original efforts, and Kay’s diction is simply impeccable. He’s releasing freestyle videos; he’s tearing down Jump Off again (just for a laugh); he’s got a collaboration with golden boy Arjun coming soon. It’s safe to say that Sam is back. (Reviewed by Jesal)