Raxstar – “Cold World”

Burban, Hip Hop, Rap, UK, UK Asian

Score: 7.1

(In place of the traditional review, here are alternative lyrics that may or may not have been hacked from Raxstar’s BlackBerry…)


It’s a Cold World like a Twister

Listen up, I’m the sickest barista

Fast-paced or slow, the Scarface of flows

But my chocolate sprinkles are heart-shaped for sho’

My jeans skinny like latte and though

We used to French on park bench til I stole your trench coat

I kept telling myself: “Rax, look slow”

But your eyes transfixed on a MacBook Pro

My service is cardiothorassic

I cut hearts into napkins, and certain other fabrics

Understand though, my story is hard luck

I’mma work night and day in this Starbucks

Until I can own shares and then refuse to pay tax

And then, baby girl, what will you say to Rax?

You dropping your pencil, making me get it

Staring at my arse, honestly it’s pathetic

Baby if you want me, you gotta show me love

Words are so easy to say, you gotta show me love

I’m out the door, you chase me, and I know that look

“When I went to the ladies, did you steal my MacBook?”



Next time, girl, leave a tip – at least 10% or I’ll have to steal your shit

Next time baby girl please leave a tip – it’s a Cold World, I will steal your shit



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