RTP – “Tujhe Maan Loon” featuring Kishan Amin & Priti Menon

Hindi, Pop

Score: 7.1

A strong offering here from RTP – that’s Rax Timyr Productions – underscoring a lovely, lilting duet between Amin and Menon. The male lead (Amin) actually has a unique timbre to his voice, and in the future, this should be brought out (not subdued, as occasionally it is here). There’s nothing wrong with being unconventional, as Priti Menon has proved so admirably over the last couple of years, and the joining together of these two artists makes perfect sense. The song itself is, as one would expect, a solid modern Hindi love song – nothing spectacular, but enjoyable nonetheless. In fact, the only aspect we’re slightly disappointed by is the somewhat lacklustre drumkit – it’s missing that touch of crispness. It’s truly a minor complaint, and “Tujhe Maan Loon” will certainly please the intended market, all the while aiding the ascension of the two singers themselves. (Reviewed by Sohail)


Tujhe Maan Loon - Single - Rax Timyr Productions, Kishan Amin & Priti Menon


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