Rita Morar – “Piya”

Hindi, Pop, Soul, UK Asian

Score: 7.0

If you basically ignore the nicely shot performance video, and opt in favour of focusing solely on the song itself, “Piya” is an interesting number from a fascinating talent. Rita Morar is an artist with a God given talent (and we do not say that lightly). She’s sings equally well in different languages, but also knows how to inflect those vocals with a raw, overpowering emotion, seemingly at will – when she sings in English, yet in a Hindi style, that’s when our spine really tingles (we’re sure that Abi Sampa must be a fan). After all that, however, it must be noted that the quiet storm beauty of “Piya” needs assistance when it comes sequencing. There is a beauty in brevity, and the chorus is simply repeated too often, meaning that we can’t help feeling it is a touch overdone. It feels barbaric to simply state the chopping a minute off this song would increase our affection for it, but when all the other parts of it have functioned so admirably, it genuinely does come down to something so basic. Still, there is so much to admire here – moreso with Rita Morar than “Piya” perhaps, but it’s essential listening nonetheless. (Reviewed by Jesal)


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