Usman Rehman – “Jadon Holi Jai” (Featuring Rishi Rich)

Hindi, UK Asian

Score: 6.6

Although “Jadon Holi Jai” has many redeeming features, let us first address the vocals. For some reason, they have been AutoTuned to within one inch of their lives, even going as far as to pan the single-track chorus. The end result is a dizzying and somewhat soul-destroying lack of faith displayed in the artist – vocal effects always work best when helping to convey/accentuate certain emotions, and here the effect is too polarising. However, Rishi Rich’s production is on-point, admittedly simulating Timbaland circa 15 years ago (seriously), but the groove is simply undeniable. It’s probably more of a club warm up track, or one to chill out to, and despite the lack of an identifiable chorus, the replay factor is certainly high. (Reviewed by Rahul)


Jadon Holi Jai (feat. Rishi Rich) - Single - Usman Rehman


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