Sid Sriram – “Elevate”

Classic, R&B, Soul

Score: 9.0

“Elevate” helps to confirm the hype about Sid Sriram, as he turns in a genuine tour de force performance that sets him apart from his peers. Everything stands up to close analysis: the lyrics, his epic vocals performance, the studied production, even the incredible visuals. Yet, that would be to miss the point – this is a song that makes you feel a certain way, and there is no point dissecting such work to death. It’s about experiential learning, so the only way to understand why this is so special is to just watch, listen, hear and absorb with your heart wide open. Stunning. (Reviewed by Jesal)


Static turns to stars, give me room to breathe
this smoke turns to thoughts, invisibly repeatedly
Dreaming in my head, eyes wide open
Open up these gates in my mind
Flood all these streets, let it all go
Cleanse my body, body and soul

Elevate me, burn away everything that suffocates me
No hesitation
Elevate me, burn away everything that suffocates me
and take me away

My mind is a goldmine and landmine at the same time
And I’m trying, to carefully walk the line
Between greatness and insanity
chaos and serenity
Don’t want these clouds to bury me
So I’m fighting for this clarity
I’m fighting through the ugly searching for beauty behind my eyes
where the unknown never ends and the thoughts never lie
let me transcend from the haze depths, far into the heights
elevate me, elevate me, well before I die


I found this little flame, told her all my secrets
All my stories, fed her all my deepests
thoughts from my brain, from my veins
and everywhere else inside me
knowing she’d see what I’d see
Now I’m here, with this fire all around
Yea I’m here, lift me up lift me up off the ground
Take me higher take me higher


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