Rax Timyr – Meri Maa (Vande Mataram) ft. Kishan Amin & Ambika Jois

Cover, Hindi, UK Asian

Score: N/A

One may well have expected this excellent version by Rax Timyr featuring Kishan Amin and the incredible Ambika Jois to have garnered many more views by now. However – and this is in no way down to the artists themselves – India’s Independence Day didn’t feel like much of a celebration this year. We are reaching a point where the smoke and mirrors, the propaganda of Bollywood, the backwards values and continual degradation on so many levels in Indian society are exposing the country for what it is. The post “gang rape” scandal has finally enabled many NRI’s to start gunning for India without fear of reprise, and at a time where 20,000 knives were handed out to women in order to protect themselves, “Eve teasing” and stalking are handed down from the film industry as a way to get the girl… Well, suddenly the lyrics about Mother India take on a whole new meaning. The video includes the following description: “We are dedicating this song as a gratitude to how we have been raised with Indian values by our parents, in the UK and to all those who have inspired us to recognize, realize and represent our heritage.” The problem right now is defining precisely what “Indian values” really are. (Written by Jesal)


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