RKZ – “Superstars” (Featuring Sian Sanderson)

Burban, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Soul, UK, UK Asian

Score: 8.0

Ignore the basic video, it’s just a placeholder. “Superstars” is dope, easily one of the best cuts from RKZ’s adventurous “Words of Adrenaline” mixtape released last month. Gifted the Great pulls a blinder on production duties, successfully bringing to mind to the Soulquarians era. Sian Sanderson’s vocals are dead-on perfect, truly a subtle delight. In fact, if we set aside any sampling issues, this genuinely could have been a gold standard song in RKZ’s catalogue – which makes it a bit frustrating that the star himself is simply good. There are some clever lines, but we’ve heard RKZ go harder than this, and with tighter delivery. Admittedly a petty qualm in the grand scheme of things, as “Superstars” still manages to delight in more ways than one. (Reviewed by Rahul)



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