RKZ – “Gemineye’s Mind”

Burban, Dubstep, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 6.6

We can totally understand why the reception to this latest offering from RKZ has been lukewarm at best: it could be described – and we say this with love – as “a bit wanky” artistically; the video is confusing (to pets and old people, not us); the beat is unconventional; RKZ utters countless profanities and says “bitch” a lot too. If we were a twelve year old girl, maybe the list could go on – regardless, it’s generally never a good sign when an artist has to explain the whole thing on Twitter. But the reality is that these opinions are the result of a cursory listen, and if one were to go deeper, they could start to appreciate that “Gemineye’s Mind” is a pretty fine song. The instrumental, in particular, is so subtly incredible, with an indelible melody; RKZ himself does pretty well, but the danger with role-playing on a song is that people just won’t understand, and when coupled with the vocals (where you sense he doesn’t fully commit) he perhaps should have just gone completely OTT. It’s another interesting twist in the story of this Luton native, and whilst it might not be for everyone, that doesn’t mean it is without quality. (Reviewed by Raman)


(Verse One)
This is life that I’m living well,
thinkin’ twice ‘fore we show and tell.
I’m honestly amazed at how the world turns,
’cause the world has got so much to learn.
You see the stars are there to give us life,
we look up at night, can barely see the light.
So I look down, around, try find you.
But I can’t so I guess we’re inclined to..
Search the world for the right path,
decipher the cynics, right for the minute,
into the moment, controlling your own control,
evoking your inner spirit, we hear it.
Need to deliver, I fear it because I’m quicker.
But glimmers of hope are gone before I’d consider, us.
And though we’re bound to,
tear down the skies to find the, meaning of life and love,
I’m still divine to, be inside you.

I’ll bring you here, then take your world,
and blow that shit apart,
so you’re mine girl, you’re my girl.
You’re mine girl, you’re my girl.

(Verse Two)
I’m still here despite these parasites,
they can’t touch you like I,
my mind’s right, your mind’s mind,
I’ll swallow that fucking whole, in one go.
You’re promising me your soul.
My mind’s eye demands my mind’s time but lately,
I feel like I’m a fucking walking demise,
’cause I spend the whole day dreamin’,
while bitches spend the whole day schemin’.
And then, they question my entire fucking plight,
why focus on my entire fucking life?
Get your own, I spend mine tryna fuck the world to find her,
she gets so fucking jealous when I try to unwind her,
ain’t like I wine and dine her,
most of the time the world fucks me,
She’s the bitch. Fuck her, then fuck me.

(Chorus x2)

(Verse Three)
And every time I’m here, I see you there.
And your eyes see me, you feel,
you think, you really think that you like me.
But you don’t know if the world would allow this,
I’m not good for your ego – about this.
If you wanna be the girl you wanna be,
or fuck with dickheads, and never get around to seeing me,
the good (bad) guy.

I’ll bring you here, and take your..
and blow that shit apart,
so you’re my, you’re my girl,
you are..


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