Jay Sean – “So High”

Dance, Pop, R&B

Score: 5.2

As far as Jay Sean’s career goes, it’s getting perilously close to the juncture where onlookers will just start to ask the obvious question: what is the point of it all? Don’t get us wrong, since “Down” was released in 2009, Jay has still cranked out some solid material including a couple of hits (“2012“), plus the gorgeous “Where Do We Go” – but there is just a lack of clear direction, it’s throwing darts blind in the studio and hoping something sticks. The thing is, he’s a clever guy, and he has always had good taste in music. But perhaps it’s finally time for people to start admitting what we thought all those years ago – moving to Cash Money records was not the best long-term career move. He’s constantly having to curb his natural instincts (R&B), and release mass market dance-pop. The problem is, it’s not even very good dance-pop, it’s not really connecting, and the R&B has suffered too. “I’m All Yours” was a good song, but didn’t really do anything. And “So High” is basically that song once again, minus Pitbull, plus inferior melodies/production to boot. There is such little of Jay Sean’s personality in here that this is simply major label focus-grouped dross, with no real function or purpose. The best bit by far is the breakdown from 2m26s to 3m10s – basically, shit bangs, hard. Aside from that, it’s business as usual. C’mon, Jay. You’re better than this. (Reviewed by Raman)


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