TaZzZ – “Tere Bina” (Featuring Elijah)

Dance, Hindi, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, UK Asian

Score: 4.2

If it weren’t for the contribution of TaZzZ himself on the incredibly disappointing “Tere Bina” the entire project would be a waste. The moment he comes on screen and energises the melancholia, you realise that he should have pulled a Kanye and kept this for himself. Reading the usual PR spiel, you’d think that his “protégé” Elijah might actually be able to solve the Israel-Palestine beef using his voice alone. This may, in fact, be true, as it would quite possibly unite the two warring nations in universal hatred of just how inherently talentless and tonally appalling the youngster is. It pains us to say this, but Elijah doesn’t deserve his seat at the table – he cannot sing. Seriously. He just can’t sing. Surprisingly, the production is lacklustre and, frankly, corny (although given the subject matter, entirely unsurprising); little attempt appears to have been made to save Elijah’s vocals from the wreckage with a proper Autotune lifeboat (Junai Kaden is currently floating somewhere in the Atlantic); even the mixing/mastering of the whole thing sounds off. We like TaZzZ and he’s brought something to the scene in 2012, but this blind spot should never have made past the demo stage, and as far as blatant attempts to curry favour with the female market go, this is shockingly deficient. (Reviewed by Sohail)


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