Rajiv – “Catch Me If You Can” (Featuring Mr. Arch)

Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 6.1

“Catch Me If You Can” is such a brilliantly put together package. The beat sounds current, the impressive video has a decent concept, and Rajiv has genuine star potential. So why the modest score? Well, the problem is that CMIYC fails the litmus test on two very crucial points: firstly, the song is actually quite poorly written. Superficially, it works and seems to successfully ape the radio fodder de jour. But listen again closely, and the sequencing is off, there are lines that don’t flow, the chorus isn’t given space to breathe… Greatness hinges on the finest of details. Secondly, that beat: yes, it sounds “nice” and very Labrinth-esque but again like the vocals, it just doesn’t have that killer melody. It is a shame, as Rajiv is a very impressive artist: he has the look, can certainly sing well, clearly puts the effort into the concepts and could well make it on some level (Mr. Arch’s contribution is solid, too). But this is a lesson to learn: yes, you can have the style, voice, concepts, visuals… But ultimately, never underestimate the song – and ones like this will always provide him with a glass ceiling. Regardless, Rajiv is one to watch out for. (Reviewed by Rahul)


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