Nyms – “Waste of Time”

Dance, Pop, R&B, UK Asian

Score: 7.6

A superb second single from Nyms (you may recall her first effort, “Whoa“) as “Waste of Time” proves to be anything but. It’s rare for me to hear a song only once, and still have the chorus in my head weeks later, but #WOT manages to do it. It’s a convergence of concept, character and cheek, and it must be said that Nyms is a genuinely talented song-writer: this is an actual song, from start to finish, not just a beat with some singing on it (there is a yawning chasm of difference). The only gripe we have is that at times it feels like Nyms needs to just go over the top in order to find the correct level of delivery – this is a touch too restrained, and whilst it is dark/moody, it deserved just a bit more oomph. But as a free download, this is pretty damn great – the “Daddy find another guy” line alone is peerless on so many levels. She’s got the talent, that much is certain. (Reviewed by Jesal)


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