Sam Kay – “Journey” (Featuring Arjun)

Grime, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian

Score: 7.6

Another solid effort sees two of the hardest working UK Asian youngsters collaborating on “Journey” – and it seems like a good marker with which to chart their progress. Sam Kay has gone from battles, freestyle videos, singles, Channel 4 appearances, name-changes, beef and finally a return to original output. He’s sharp, focussed and intent on being somebody. Arjun, as you well know, is on course for world domination – this is no exaggeration – and he will get signed by a major label, very soon too. The irony is that Sam Kay would benefit from having a rich benefacator, not to mention some wise old heads offering guidance – although he has significantly rounded out his character since taking a short break from music, there is only so much one man can do alone. It would be great to see him signed – he’s got the talent, the confidence, he’s the right age too, and he could tap into a giant gaping hole in the market. “Journey” serves as a faithful reminder as to why we give these boys so much column space on the site – they deserve it. They also deserve to be given access to a higher level, and the chance to get a whole lot bigger. (Reviewed by Jesal)


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