Kee – Dil Lagda Nai (Featuring Tigerstyle)

Dance, Hindi, House, Pop, UK Asian

Score: 5.9

There are a number of points to address on the latest effort from Kee. Firstly, the song itself is produced by Tigerstyle – and is instantaneously recognisable as being derivative of their own recent single “Kudi.” That is not unusual in itself, as producers develop a “sound” and apply it to various tracks (think of the Timbaland/Danja era circa ’06). It’s certainly not a straight rip, either. However, here the Law of Diminishing Returns unfortunately applies, although fortunately it does possess an indelible melody in an otherwise blandly written/delivered offering. Secondly, this is labelled the “first single” from Kee’s new album… Really? The past two years of singles and videos are being jettisoned? May we politely point out that unless the album work is significantly better, don’t be afraid of including the quality tracks that got you here. It might just be a case of a fresh start – or maybe these tracks will be included as bonus cuts – but it would be a shame to deprive your audience of “It’s Over” & “Jaaneman Pt 2” – not to mention “Nai Nachna” & “Pyar Hai.” (Reviewed by Rahul)


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