Jay Sean – “I’m All Yours” (Featuring Pitbull)

Dance, Pop, R&B, Rap, UK Asian, USA

Score: 7.2

The fact that it takes Jay Sean almost two full minutes into his own video to start singing the first verse says an awful lot about “I’m All Yours” – there has been a clear devolution in responsibility, and current king of dance-rap guest spots (Pitbull) takes control early on, combines with the chorus, and subsequently the lead becomes the feature. Fortunately, there is still much to like about the single: that sticky hook simply soars; Pitbull’s feature is the sound of a man firmly in the zone; the production is current (handled by Orange Music Factory); and Jay is the usual charming host. There are problems, however: the verses are somewhat bland, plus the sequencing is surprisingly poorly thought out, too (not to mention the failed green screen). However, as with “Down,” when you have the chorus, you have their ear. IAY is very much a sequel and it will definitely be a fun summer smash. It also improves on the former by being more dancefloor friendly (dancing to “Down” is surprisingly difficult), but it’s not as memorable. Still, it should get Jay back in the game – with the messy “Freeze Time” finally on the scrap heap, he’s got to prove to himself that it is “Worth It All.” (Reviewed by Sohail)


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