Bilal – “Scream Out Loud” (Featuring Raxstar)

Dance, Hindi, Pop, Rap

Score: 6.1

Aside from presiding over quite possibly the worst block party in history – complete with bubbles, sparklers and one whole confetti bomb – there is quite a buzz accompanying Bilal’s new single, “Scream Out Loud.” Once you’ve sat through the entire three and a half minutes, however, you’d probably be forgiven for wondering why. There are undoubted strengths – chiefly a hypnotic accordion and those indelible “Woah-oh-oh’s” – yet it doesn’t seem to grab the opportunity with both hands. A noticeable absence in percussion, “Scream Out Loud” is a dancefloor anthem without much of a kick, and when it breaks down to build up a crescendo at 2:40, you finally expect the whole thing to spark into life. But alas, it never does. Oh, and Raxstar’s contribution is blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. Fortunately, there is enough of that catchy element to help carry it over the finishing line, and it could just lodge itself in your head for a good while – even if it won’t reach your heart. (Reviewed by Sohail)

Scream Out Loud - Bilal Ft Raxstar


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