TaZzZ – “Stay Hungry” (Featuring Mandeep Sethi & Swami Baracus)

Burban, Hindi, Hip Hop, Rap, UK, UK Asian, USA

SCORE: 7.3

A very good offering from serial grinder TaZzZ – providing a moody soundscape for the two guest rappers to spit over, a genial sample and intelligent seqencing, “Stay Hungry” already starts off on the right foot. We find both Mandeep Sethi – with two verses – and Swami Baracus in “conscious” mode, and it’s the kind of rare track amongst the predictable girl/braggin’ numbers currently flooding the Asian scene. The only slight downer is Sethi’s performance: it’s perfectly fine, but we are used to hearing better from him, as perhaps the attempt to deliver “thoughtful” delivery ends up just masking some of the lyrics/flows he utilises (in fairness, it’s a minor complaint). Swami Baracus, however, is in a rich vein of form and can seemingly do no wrong: superb on the track, it might have been better to have given him the two verses instead. Amongst the many rappers we come across, there are very few that we predict could release a great album worth listening to – but Swami Baracus must now endeavour to make his mark in the form of a long play. He’s ready. It’s time. (Reviewed by Raman)

**The video was removed by the artist in question, they are making some adjustments and once they have reuploaded it, we will put the link back up**


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