Shizzio – “Pakis In Paris” (Featuring Desi Boome)

Burban, Freestyle, Hip Hop, Rap, UK Asian


A new freestyle video from Shizzio, this time going over Jay and Ye’s “Niggas in Paris” beat. Aside from the fact that it has already been done so many times – and it must be said, more innovatively – Shizzio certainly does a good job, spitting his venomous and humorous lyrics with aplomb (there are a couple of cracking punchlines). However, the inclusion of Desi Boome was a mistake: the chorus is sinfully lame (“BONJOUR! AU REVOIR! PAKIS IN PARIS!!!” – yes, seriously); his flow is all over the shop; his voice is years away from maturation; most crucially, you just don’t believe in him. A brief aside: it took me a while to understand the point of the song, until it was explained to me over Twitter that “Niggas In Paris” really is a big deal for most black people in the US – Paris is an abstract dream of a city, especially when 40% of Americans don’t even have passports. For us, we just hop on the Eurostar for £90. The immigrants dream. (Reviewed by Jesal)


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