Shide Boss – “It’s Alright”

Burban, R&B, UK Asian

SCORE: 5.6

For the first time, Shide Boss has released something we’re not entirely sure about. In fairness, it has the feel of a “fourth single” (i.e. just chuck it out and hope it can capitalise from the previous tracks) but aside from the as-per-usual excellent Marcus James production, Shide himself somewhat lets the side down. For the first time, the lyrics are half-hearted, the flow doesn’t do the job, his vocals sound rusty and you just don’t really believe in what he’s singing about. It’s a shame, because up until now, everything he has touched turns to gold, but we don’t predict a similar outcome for this effort. It’s not terrible, but put it this way: it’s alright. (Reviewed by Rahul)

It's Alright - Rainbow - EP


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