Roach Killa – “Oh Girl”

Canadian, Hindi, R&B, Reggae

SCORE: 6.1

It seems strange that so many people having been raving about how “original” Roach Killa’s new song is. To all intents and purposes, it’s a Sean Paul song mixed with “Amplifier” – and originality is the last word we’d use. That doesn’t mean it’s not an effective and pleasant number: the constant barrage of “Oh Girl” bangs you over the head until you’ve got the message in a couple of different languages; the instrumental provided by Surinder Rattan initially seems a touch tacky, but it’s actually well suited and tuneful; Roach himself delivers (courtesy of our old friend Auto Tune) some decent vocals; and it’s just got a nice summery vibe to it. Which is pretty much the sum total of its ambitions. (Reviewed by Raman)

Oh Girl - Single - Roach Killa


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