Raxstar – “Ex Games”

Burban, Grime, Hip Hop, Rap, UK Asian

SCORE: 7.9

This is precisely what Raxstar does best right now. “Ex Games” finds the Luton MC flowing over a moody Substeppers instrumental, effectively doing his own “Marvin’s Room” (he even references the song here), and he picks up brilliantly on the all the tiny details that help sway a relationship from negative to positive, then back again. His skills aren’t just limited to the concept and lyrics: it’s easy to forget, but when Raxstar is on form, his delivery can be exquisite, the tone of his voice just dead-on for what a conflicted track like “Ex Games” needs. Will Raxstar make it to the big leagues? It’s difficult to say. For one, we need a proper album as some sort of indication. His recent “Late On Time” mixtape was lengthy and uneven, offering few clues. He has spoken of a twelve-track LP and if he’s at his peak throughout those dozen numbers, there’s little reason as to why he shouldn’t make a splash in the hip hop scene in general. But perhaps the best thing going for him is that pretty much whatever he releases feels genuine, and that’s a surprisingly rare quality in an artist. (Reviewed by Rahul)


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