Tara Priya – “Run Like Hell”

Pop, R&B, Soul, USA

SCORE: 6.2

A bizarre new offering from Tara Priya. Aside from the sparkling instrumental provided by Satien Mehta (think Ronson/Remi), it’s a clever concept track that fumbles the crucial chorus. A shame, as whilst it clearly lacks the cute charm of “Rollin'” it could have been the perfect follow-up to that breakthrough. That chorus is overthought, overwritten and overpowering. She wants to show her “bitchy” side, the “hell hath no fury” to her previously adorable moment, but whilst “Run Like Hell” looks good on paper, sounds professional and has a decent (albeit patchy) video, sometimes less is more. She’s clearly a big Winehouse fan, and that’s fine. But what Amy did so well on her sophomore effort was to let the track breathe: it was the space between her poetry that spoke volumes. Tara Priya has yet to learn that skill, as this sounds too much, too compressed, with a herd of ideas just crammed in. She’s clearly got talent but also possesses the overexuberance that plagues many a new artist. “Run Like Hell” is good, but with a bit more nous it could have been great. (Reviewed by Raman)


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