Urvah Khan – “War Drum”

Dance, Rap, Rock, USA

SCORE: 7.4

Urvah Khan makes quite a splash in her new video (and that’s not limited to her frolicking about in the ocean). “War Drum” bashes you over the head with relentless catchphrases, vocal switches, musical shifts and attitude in abundance. Where to start? Well, Khan herself is the human representation of a hurtling fireball, all in the form of tattooed/pierced warrior goddess: her insane hair, ripped clothes, teeth that have probably ripped sharks to shreds… As for her style, it would be remiss to ignore the obvious M.I.A. comparisons, particularly when it comes to her vocal delivery: the shouty, half sung half rapped grenades she launches, the controversial imagery, even the way she elongates the last word of a bar. Musically, “War Drum” is quite superb, with an indelible guitar loop and driving percussion, it’s a surefire winner. The only slight criticism we’d have is that the lyrics need a touch more refinement but that will come with time. This is certainly the way to make a quick impression, and we’d bet she will gain as many nonplussed haters as die-hard admirers. (Reviewed by Raman)

War Drum - Universal Rhythm Venture (EP) - EP


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