Tigerstyle – “Kudi” (Featuring Rani Randeep)

Bhangra, Burban, Dance, House, UK Asian

SCORE: 7.2

Tigerstyle make a triumphant return, and whilst “Kudi” is in no way innovative, it is brutally effective. Think typical dance track de jour with thumping percurssion, clever sequencing, sinister swooping synths and a bass that shakes you to your very core. Add in some Indiany stuff (that’s the technical term) plus Rani Randeep’s vocals, and you have a strong number indeed. Whilst Randeep works relatively well on the track, one can’t help thinking that her part is a touch too jovial for such a moody instrumental (Example’s “Changed the Way…” fed into the beat much better) but as a party starter in the club, this will bang. Hard. (Reviewed by Sohail)

Kudi (feat. Rani Randeep) - Kudi (feat. Rani Randeep) - EP


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