Manni Sandhu – “Sona” (Featuring Bakshi Billa)

Bhangra, UK Asian

SCORE: 8.1

Aside from the confusingly mixed message video, Manni Sandhu oversees a quite superb number that fully deserves the popularity being heaped upon it. Again, it’s an “atypical” theme (at what point does going against the grain become precisely the opposite?) where the excellent Bakshi Billa serenades his female target, telling her that she doesn’t need gold when she has a face of gold. It’s similar to the whole Drake “you look prettiest without make up on, girrrrrrl” thing that women apparently love to hear. Whilst we could dig deeper into the anti-capitalist views that both support and contradict “Sona” (frequently at the same time), let’s just leave it for now. It’s a well produced song, with a slightly different message, great vocals and wonderful spirit. That’s more than enough. (Reviewed by Raman)

Sona - Single - Manni Sandhu


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