Firetiger – “Veh Vanjaria” (Featuring Sabrina, Biti & Amrita of Enalay)

Hindi, Pop, R&B, UK Asian

SCORE: 7.3

A slightly confusing trio of female singers comes together over Firetiger’s production, and the end result is “Veh Vanjaria.” Why confusing? Well, you’ve got Sabrina at the start, a cornrolled Biti singing in Panjabi and glam chica Amrita from new girl group Enalay. It’s a weird combination but somehow works. Firstly, Firetiger’s production is thoroughly professional, providing a suitable framework for the melodies provided by the girls (not to mention cleverly refusing to overpower them). Sabrina kicks things off well, leading into Biti’s quite excellent work in Hindi. There is one caveat, however – both singers use so much Auto Tune that it’s impossible to tell whether they can actually sing or not. It’s a shame, as that flaw is possibly the only thing that detracts from VV. Finally, Amrita comes along – good god, she’s stunning (and I’m a girl saying that) – and damn near steals the show, singing au natural. She certainly makes a good advertisement for girl group Enalay (“The Doctor, Model, Dentist Newly Signed to Sony/Karman”). All in all, “Veh Vanjaria” is a solid and pleasing release from Firetiger, and one that puts at least a couple of upcoming names firmly on the map. (Reviewed by Raman)

Veh Vanjaria (feat. Sabrina, Biti, Amrita (Enalay)) - Fire-Tiger Presents - EP


3 thoughts on “Firetiger – “Veh Vanjaria” (Featuring Sabrina, Biti & Amrita of Enalay)

  1. Supercritic, I must say this song is outstanding. Your absolutely right it does look confusing but they pull it off so well I don’t think Sabrina and Biti are using auto-tone. Do you remember ‘i can feel it’ by Sabrina? And ‘aaj meh nachungi’ by Biti? No use Of auto-tune there! Maybe its the effect FireTiger was going for? Who knows? Lol Can’t wait to hear more from the girls!

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