TaZzZ – “Radha”

Burban, Grime, Hip Hop, Rap, UK Asian

SCORE: 8.1

There was a tweet recently lamenting modern day posse cuts, stating that they were more about business opportunities than hungry MC’s just trying to rip a track. It hit the nail on the head, as cross-pollination in marketing and “hustle” seem more important than just jumping on a track and making it hot. Fortunately, that’s not quite the case here, as “Radha” combines a brilliant beat with multiple MC’s detailing their travails with the opposite sex. Whilst not every verse hits the mark (Raver’s is a touch simplistic), most of them certainly do. Kan D Man is fast developing into a truly talented artist with flow, lyrics, and an ear for how to stand out. Raxstar and RKZ do precisely what you’d expect them to over a concept track, with Raxstar in particular firmly in his female-friendly groove. The instrumental, chorus, concept and video (by Creeping East) all work hand-in-hand with the MC’s to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable posse cut that has genuine replay value. (Reviewed by Rahul)


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