Tara Priya – “Rollin'”

Pop, Soul, USA

SCORE: 7.5

Being the winner of the 18th Annual Billboard Song Contest is a pretty big deal. Ok, admit it – you’d never heard of it either, until Tara Priya (hey, she’s got an Indian name!!) won it. Still, it’s clearly an accomplishment and highlights some of the qualities and general appeal of “Rollin'” on display. Whilst in no way original musically – it shamelessly hangs onto the whole ’06 Winehouse/Ronson/Remi Motown revival sound – the production is surprisingly warm and crisp, not to mention understated. Tara Priya is a charming hostess, and you can’t help but get sucked into her cartoony little world, even if the chorus is a touch slight. Lyrically, she’s self-deprecating and treats it all with a light touch, and it’s certainly worth the hype that has fortunately put her on the map. (Reviewed by Raman)

Rollin' - Tara Priya - EP


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