Raghav – “Top of the World”

Burban, Canadian, Dance, Pop, R&B

SCORE: 5.1

One of the great things about Raghav has proven to be that, over the years, even though he hasn’t achieved the “level of success” that Jay Sean has managed, the Canadian with that gifted voice of gold just keeps on being himself. A recent example was the superb single produced by UK wunderkind Labrinth “So Much” which was better than anything Jay Sean has dished out in the last few years (except “Down”) and, arguably, a career highlight for Raghav. Here, on “Top of the World,” it’s somewhat unnerving to see so many similarities with Jay’s solid “2012 (End of the World)” – both musically and visually. Except this effort isn’t as good: it’s bland, repetitive and displays a total lack of ambition. A shame, because we need a Raghav focussing on his own strengths (not on being another Jay Sean/Taio Cruz carbon copy).¬† (Reviewed by Raman)

Top Of The World - Top Of The World - Single


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