Nyms – “Whoa”

Burban, Dance, Pop, UK Asian

SCORE: 7.1

An interesting hidden gem was released a couple of weeks back that we’re quietly confident you haven’t checked out just yet. It is original, has genuine artistic merit, a subtly brilliant instrumental and a visually arresting video. It’s time that you saw “Whoa” by Nyms, in her Creeping East helmed clip, for whilst there are clear influences (Gaga etc), she manages to stamp her own weird identity on the whole thing. That grinding beat underpins the clever concept whilst Nyms delivers catty snipes and sexy come-hithers simultaneously to drive her chosen target to a Screaming Orgasm (the cocktail, no doubt). She commits to it all with aplomb, and the only misgiving we have is that the mixing/mastering could have allowed a touch more space to bring out her vocals (at times, it’s just a touch too fussy). Otherwise, a promising debut and, apparently, available as a free download for a limited amount of time. (Reviewed by Raman)


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